Aviation Hall Virtual Tour

While MOTAT is closed to visitors you can enjoy this virtual tour of the Aviation Display Hall. Wander around our spectacular aviation collection at your own pace.

If you have made a trip to MOTAT’s Aviation Hall in the last 12 months you might notice things are a little different now. After this tour was filmed, we rearranged our aircraft to make room for our magnificent flying boat the Aranuithe last remaining Short Solent Mark 4 in the world. With her extensive exterior restoration complete, the Aranui is a wonderful and significant addition to the collection on display. But due to her impressive size, it required a lot of re-parking to fit in!

We look forward to bringing you more content about the wonderful aviation collection. You can learn more about our extensive aviation collection through our Collections Online. Feel free to drop us a question, a comment or share a memory our social pages.