Isometric seamless Maze pattern. by sukmaraga

Become a Master Maze Designer

Here’s a creative activity that will use the best of your design skill and cunning!

Design a maze with twists and turns, decisions and dead ends.

It can be a simple or as difficult as you like.

Things to think about when designing a maze.

Is your maze for people? Maybe your maze is for pets or bugs?

Are there any obstacles to climb over, under, or through?

Are there puzzles to solve?

Do you want to include secret shortcuts to uncover?

What about deadly traps?

What is at the middle of the maze? Is it a wonderful prize to win, or something terrifying to avoid?

What is your maze made of? Fences or hedges or what about light, water or steam?

What’s your style?

Many maze designs use a strong style. Some are wavy and curvy, and full of spirals and swirls. Some are full of straight lines and sharp corners. Some even make a picture when you see them from above.

spiral headrow maze
Maze by Adrian Fisher

Bring your maze design to life

Now you’ve come up with your cunning, mind-twisting maze, it’s time to test it out. You could:

  • Draw it and give it to a family member to solve.
  • Design it on a Google slide and share it with your friends or classmates online.
  • Chalk it on the footpath and watch to see if people walking their dogs will try it.
  • Build it in Minecraft and add creepers and Endermen

  • Ask a parent to mow it into the lawn for a Grand Manor maze feel.

You could do this for a job! Seriously.

How would you like to design Mazes as your job? Maze artist and designer Adrian Fisher designs and builds mazes all around the world. He’s made traditional hedge mazes, corn mazes, and even mazes with light and water. Perhaps the strangest maze he has made goes all the way up the side of a skyscraper in Dubai!

You can learn more about his amazing work in this video.

Maze Art

Maze art by Sean C. Jackson

Explore the incredible maze cities created by artist Sean C Jackson. He makes the most epic mazes and he has generously made a collection of his mazes ready to download and complete and colour-in for free! Check them out here http://www.seancjackson.com/downloads-02

Sean C. Jackson also sells very cool Maze products for mega maze fans.

Sean C. Jackson Maze artist duvet cover
Duvet Cover design by Sean C Jackson on Threadless.com

Maze Game

Monument Valley by UsTwo Games

If you’d like to solve mazes check out this phenomenal game Monument Valley for a phone or tablet. Your character has to solve many different mazes and optical illusions to complete the journey. It’s a beautiful game that all ages will enjoy playing.

Is a Maze the same as a Labyrinth ?


A maze is a “multicursal” puzzle. A maze has lots of different ways to go and choices to make. It’s easy to get lost in a maze but there are often short cuts.

A labyrinth is “unicursal”. A labyrinth has just one path that you may feel is taking you in all different directions but will eventually lead you to the centre. A labyrinth may take you a long time but if you follow the path you can’t get lost.


We would love to see your amazing mazes, post a photo of your maze to social with the hashtag #motatfun