Build Your Own Rockin’ Rocket!

Build Time: 15min (approx.)

Skill Level: Moderate

You Will Need:
– Scissors
– Glue or Sticky tape
– Felt pens, crayons or coloured pencils (optional)
-Rockin’ Rocket Template

ROCKETS. ARE. AWESOME! Whether you need to go fast, far or high, chances are a rocket is the way to do it. They have allowed humanity to attain the fastest speeds, place networks of satellites into orbit, and even send probes into the dark emptiness of interstellar space. Cool right

1. Download and print one of the templates below. There is a black and white one that you can colour in, or one we’ve coloured in for you. Print whichever one you want… or both, it’s up to you.

2. Cut out the pieces along the solid black lines.

3. Take the “Rocket Body” piece and make it into a tube by matching the two coloured edges together, covering the white rectangle with “Rocket Body” written on it.

4. Take the “Nose Cone” piece and make it into a cone by overlapping the large white triangular tab with the coloured edge. Fold the small triangular tabs down along the dotted lines.

5. Attach the “Nose Cone” to the “Rocket Body” by gluing or taping the small triangular tabs around the top edge of the body piece.

6. Wrap the “Nose Cone Collar” piece around the top of the rocket, covering the small triangular tabs.

7. Fold each of the Tail Fins in half along the dotted line. Fold the small tabs out to each side and attach to the body of the rocket in the spaces indicated.

Your rocket is now complete!

The More You Know

What do rockets and a balloon full of air have in common? More than you might think!

If you have blow up a balloon and let it go without tying it up, it will fly around the room. This is because the pressurised air inside the balloon escapes out the neck of the balloon creating a force called THRUST.

Believe it or not, rockets work in a very similar way! Rockets also use pressure to produce thrust, the only difference is that rockets create this pressure by exploding fuel and oxygen together rather than by squeezing air into a rubber bag.

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