Catch a Bubble!

Prep Time: 10 min

Skill Level: Easy

You Will Need:
– Bubble Mixture
– Something to make bubbles with like a kitchen spatula, bubble wand, or DIY Recycled Bubble Blower

Bubble Mixture Recipe (option 1)

-1/2 cup washing up liquid (any brand)
-3 cups water
– 1/2 Glycerine
-1x container (bucket)
-1x stirrer

Bubble Mixture Recipe (option 2)

-50ml washing up liquid (any brand)
-250ml water
-1x container (bucket)
-1x stirrer

Watch our tutorial video below to make Bubble Mixture and Catch your own Bubbles!

Bubbles are a great activity for kids! Children of all ages enjoy playing and popping bubbles. They are a great activity to keep kids busy, having fun and learning.

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