Child playing hopscotch

Change it up Hopscotch

Did you know that Hopscotch was originally an exercise that Roman soldiers used to get fit and strong. Their hopscotch courts would be up to 30 meters long and they hopped in heavy armour!

These days Hopscotch is fun and easy to play. It takes up very little room so you can play it on a porch or even in the kitchen (just make sure you wipe up the chalk afterwards).
All you need is chalk to mark out your squares and a small stone or item to throw.


Draw your design on the ground using the chalk. Make sure your squares are large enough to fit your foot.

Here is the most common hopscotch gird

hopscotch design

Why not try something new? Here’s a couple more ideas. You can try anything. Get creative!


  1. 1. Throw the stone or item to land in square one. If it lands on the lines or outside of the square, it’s out. You lose your turn and pass the stone to the next player.

2. If it goes in, hop over the square with your stone in and on up to 10.

3. Turnaround and hop back.

4. Pick up your stone, jump over the square it was in and hop home. Now it’s the next player’s turn.

5. On your next turn throw the stone to square 2 and so on.

6. You can only have 1 foot in each square. And you can’t put your other foot down. Except when you get to two squares side by side – then you can put a foot in each square at the same time. 

7. If you step on a line, hop on the wrong square, or step out of the square, you lose your turn.

8. The first player to get complete the highest numbered square wins.

You can play this game by yourself or with others. You can try lots of different designs too. Get hopping!