Crack the Code!

Morse Code Activity

Use the Morse Code alphabet below to crack the secret code and become an expert at Morse Code! Once you’ve cracked it, you can use the Morse Code alphabet to work out other words and write secret messages…


Morse Code is a series of dots and dashes that translate into individual letters or numbers when in different combinations. By using a telegraph machine to send short bursts of electric current and create marks on paper, Morse Code was born. Once Morse code became commonly used, the paper was replaced with someone listening on the other end and translating the message in real-time.

Morse Code was invented 180 years ago by Samuel F.B. Morse. It was used extensively in World War II and was the main form of ocean communication until 1999. It can be sent by sounds like taps or whistles, or visuals like flags or flashing lights.

The famous SOS signal was invented using Morse Code and it does not stand for anything! It was simply easy to identify – three dots, three dashes, three dots.