Craft an Origami ANZAC Poppy

Skill Level: Moderate

You Will Need:

  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Printer (if you are using the provided template)
  • Paper Template

Follow along with the video below to make your own origami poppy flower

How to make an Origami Square

If you do not have printer available don’t worry you can create a square from an A4 piece of paper, just follow along with the steps below.

Step 01.

Fold one corner to the opposite edge.

Step 02.

With scissors cut along the base of the triangle, this will leave you with the large square after unfolding the triangle.

Step 03.

To make a smaller square, fold the square in half one way, and then fold the square in half the other way.

Step 04.

Lastly, cut along the crease lines you made from the previous folds, and now you have an origami square.