Boom comic book

Create a Comic Strip of the Future

Imagine…. its 2050 there are flying cars in the sky and you can control the TV with your mind.

You are a scientist who is working on a brand new top secret technology which is going to change the world!!

Having worked in a hidden underground laboratory for months, your technology is now ready to go. You are just about to give it the first test run, when….

…. what happens next?

Create a comic strip to show your innovative technological design and finish the story. Use your own imagination or MOTAT’s collection online for some inspiration

There’s some awesome how to draw comic stuff videos – Check some of our favourites

Art for Kids Hub is chokka with so many things to learn to draw comic style.

Draw so cute will teach you how to bring any object alive in its most adorable, huggable form!

And finally here’s some great tips and tricks for putting together your comic strip

Share your comics on social media and tag #MOTATfun #museumfromhome to show us your future technological innovations!