Robot vacuum cleaner machine

Curious Contraptions

Imagine you are an inventor of wacky and wild machines which can be used for anything at all! You can draw your machine, build your machine, write a story about it, even shoot a movie about it!

How big is it? Or maybe it is really small?

What is it made of?

What does your machine do? Does it make something? Can you use it to communicate with people?

Does your machine have moving parts on the inside? Or on the outside!

Think of a name for your machine that will tell people something about it.

Creation inspiration

Famous canine contraption creator Gromit has some cracking contraptions to inspire you

And these amazing contraptions put together by master machine maker Joseph Herscher to solve some of life’s little annoyances.

What about a whole city sized contraption like the kiwi concept designers at Weta Digital created for the movie Mortal Engines?

And we’ll leave you with this incredible music making marble machine.

Now grab your pencils, your meccano, your play dough, building blocks – whatever you like and get creating!