Design Your Own Car of the Future

You are given a job to design a car of the future. It could be 10 years from now – it could be 100. OK, now grab something to draw with and get designing!

Here’s some questions every car designer must think about:

What is the car used for?
Does it help get families to work or school or is it used to deliver food? Maybe it’s used to move alien zoo animals between cloud pods along phaser light beams? Go crazy, use your imagination!

Who is the car for?
Is it for families, just one person or perhaps non-humans?

What shape does the car need to be?
Does it need to be fast? Small? Big enough to fit in lots of boxes or safely transport genetically engineered wooly mammoths?

What does the car need on the inside?
Does it need seats? Windows? Maybe a food replicator?

What does the car run on?
Electricity? Nuclear fusion? Solar energy? Rubbish?

Ideas and Inspiration

Check out this amazing future concept car from Mclaren and 39 more designs at Trendhunter

Watch how a concept car is developed, at Audi Design Labs.

When you’re finished, we’d love to see your futuristic cars, so share your design using the hashtag #motatfun.