Ding Ding…Tram Facts

Right now MOTAT’s trams are parked in tram barns. But normally visitors can enjoy a tram ride on the Western Springs Tramway between the Museum’s two Auckland sites from Great North Road to Motions Road.

Even though you can’t take a ride at the moment, here’s your chance to learn about the science of trams!

Questions our tram drivers get asked:

Excuse me I have a question!

If you have a question about our trams you can email our tram drivers at motat.fun@motat.org.nz or ask us on our social media pages.

MOTAT’s trams in action!

Courtesy of SLPNZ – Silverline Pictures NZ

Tram Rhyme

Sing along…

Look out for the next post that delves a bit deeper into the science of trams.

For more information about MOTAT’s tramways check out MOTAT.org.nz