Get your Puzzle Fix: A Historic Moment in Colour

This time you can put together a puzzle of the historic moment when Jean Batten arrived in New Zealand after a solo flight from the United Kingdom all the way to New Zealand in her Percival (Vega) Gull aeroplane. Batten’s arrival was met by a large crowd at the Mangere Aerodome on the 16th of October in 1936.

Quick Fact:

The puzzle image was originally black and white. Using a deep learning algorithm we can breathe new life into pre-colour film photographs. The algorithm can determine how to map a colour to each pixel in the photo based on how the brightness of all the pixels in the image. You can see the difference between the original and the modified version below. For more details on the colorisation method you can visit deepai.org.

Whites Aviation Limited. Oct 1936. Jean Batten, 15-1118. Walsh Memorial Library, The Museum of Transport and Technology (MOTAT). 

How to play:

Use your mouse and left click on any piece on the board, and the piece will follow your mouse. To release a piece, just click again and the piece will stay put. A puzzle piece will snap and stay in position with a piece it belongs to, so keep assembling pieces and you will have completed puzzle in no time. Best of Luck!

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