Get Your Puzzle Fix: Driving Onwards

The humble jigsaw is back! This time as a look back in time while we look forward to the grand re-opening of the Accelerate exhibition here at MOTAT.

Have a go at putting together a puzzle of how Accelerate once looked, and have a wonder on how it will look in the future.

Come visit the brand new exhibit and April’s School Holiday Experience ‘Driving On’ to see for yourself!

How to play:

Use the icons in the centre of the board to set your references – number of pieces, pieces you can rotate and or change the background colour. Use your mouse and left click on any piece on the board, and the piece will follow your mouse. To release a piece, just click again and the piece will stay put. A puzzle piece will snap and stay in position with a piece it belongs to, so keep assembling pieces and you will have completed the puzzle in no time. Good Luck!

Hint: Click here for a finished image of the jigsaw, you can use it as a guide for assembling the puzzle.

Accelerate Car

Picture of an Automobile [Mazda R 100 Coupe] in the MOTAT Accelerate exhibit in 2018

Mazda Motor Corporation. 1970-1972. Automobile [Mazda R 100 Coupe], 1980.116.1. The Museum of Transport and Technology (MOTAT).

Finished already?

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