Get Your Puzzle Fix: Night Express Jigsaw

Did you know the Night Express between Christchurch and Dunedin was the last regular rail service in New Zealand to use a steam locomotive? It ran until 1971. The rest of New Zealand Rail’s locomotives had been replaced by diesel or electric years before but the cold overnight trips on the Night Express needed the steam power to heat the passenger carriages in winter.

Interactive Jigsaw Puzzle

Have a go at putting together a jigsaw puzzle of this promotional poster for the Night Express – one of MOTAT’s collection items.

How to play:

Use your mouse and left click on any piece on the board, and the piece will follow your mouse. To release a piece, just click again and the piece will stay put. A puzzle piece will snap and stay in position with a piece it belongs to, so keep assembling pieces and you will have completed the puzzle in no time. Good Luck!

Hint: Here is the image for the jigsaw, you can use it as a guide for assembling the puzzle.

Finished already?

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Night Express

Maker and role
New Zealand Railways. Publicity and Advertising Branch, Maker
The Christchurch Press Company Limited, Printer

Production date

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