robot arm

Get Your Puzzle Fix: Robot Arm

We have been creating all kinds of things with robot arms for around sixty years now. MOTAT’s collection include a hydraulic robot arm called the ARB IRB6. The IRB6 is pictured in the puzzle below that was designed to weld interior linings inside aircraft engines.

Quick Fact:

In approximately 1495 Leonardo da Vinci designed variations of robot arms. In order to create robots da Vinci used a combination of plaster and external crank arrangements to create his robots.

How to play:

Use your mouse and left click on any piece on the board, and the piece will follow your mouse. To release a piece, just click again and the piece will stay put. A puzzle piece will snap and stay in position with a piece it belongs to, so keep assembling pieces and you will have completed puzzle in no time. Best of Luck!

Hint: Below is the image for the jigsaw, you can use it as a guide for assembling the puzzle.

Aerospace Thermal Coatings. 18 Dec 2010. [Application of ‘Aluminium Polyester’ by ABB IRB6 robot at Aerospace Thermal Coatings Ltd], WAV-2017-25.8. Walsh Memorial Library, The Museum of Transport and Technology (MOTAT).

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