The BEST Homemade Bubble Mixture!

Make your own Bubble Mixture

Duration: 5 minutes

Skill Level: Easy

You will need

-50ml washing up liquid (any brand)
-250ml water
– Glycerine (optional but totally worth it)
-1x container (bucket)
-1x stirrer


1. Measure 50ml of washing up liquid and pour into chosen container

2. Measure 250ml (1 cup) of tap water, slowly add the water into the container. Gently stir the bubble mixture to combine.

3. Let the bubble mixture rest before making bubbles. This will make for better bubbles. The bubble mixture will be ready straight away, but by leaving it overnight will allow for the mixture to settle which will make stronger bubbles

4. Once your ready to make bubbles dip your wand into the mixture and see how many bubbles you can make! MOTAT fun will be posting DYI Bubble Blowers/wands

Additional ingredient : Glycerine

Adding glycerine to the bubble mixture will make the mixture more stable.

-1 tbsp glycerine will make your bubble stronger and last longer!

“What’s the big deal with bubbles?”

There is something quite magical about Bubbles!

Bubbles are a great activity for kids! Children of all ages enjoy playing and popping bubbles. They are a great activity to keep kids busy, having fun and learning!

Bubbles help enhance learning in many different ways

  • Hand eye coordination
  • The Science behind a bubble
  • Sensory
  • Physical coordination