joseph herscher josephs machines eating a hambuger with a hat machine

Joseph’s Food Machines

Dinner at Joseph’s house is a little different. MOTAT friend Joseph Herscher is a kinetic artist – that’s an artist who makes art that uses movement.

Joseph makes the most amazing Rube Goldberg machines you’ve ever seen. These machines ‘solve’ everyday problems you never knew you had – like how to serve food without your hands. Kinda handy these days.

Check out this food themed playlist of videos from Joseph’s Machines.

And here is a behind the scenes video that show some of the tricks he uses to create these incredible machines.

The Cake Server machine took 3 months to make! So if you do get an invite to Joseph’s house for dinner, maybe skip dessert.

Design your own Food Machine

Do you think you could be like Joseph and design a machine to solve a meal time problem. Why not give it a go? You can start by just grabbing a pen and paper and sketching it out.

BUT REMEMBER KIDS! Before you try using laptops, fans, knives, pets or babies….


Check out Joseph’s Machines on Facebook as he is planning LIVE events during New Zealand level 4 lockdown