Live Day: Seek and Find

It’s a crazy day at MOTAT! It must be a Live Day!

Have a look at this drawing from the MOTAT collection online by artist Merton Lacey – It shows a MOTAT Live Day with a lot of things going on from different time periods.

Illustration of MOTAT Live Day with crowds of people, horses, trains and trams.

Merton Lacey. The Museum of Transport and Technology of New Zealand, 02/065/001. Walsh Memorial Library, The Museum of Transport and Technology (MOTAT).

Look closely and what can you find?

How Many?

  • Wheels can you find?
  • Horses can you find?
  • Telephone booths can you find?
  • Balloons can you find?
  • Dad’s giving their children shoulder rides?
  • People wearing old fashioned clothing?

Can you find?

  • The Pumphouse
  • A lady with a pushchair
  • Someone riding a penny-farthing bicycle
  • A man carrying a ladder
  • A man cranking a car to get it started
  • An advert for a brand of petrol
  • A plane
  • A dog off the leash
  • A lazy person on a tandem bicycle
  • Meg Merrilies
  • A man in a top hat

Feel like an extra challenge? Set yourself a time limit and time yourself!

Now its your turn!

Create your own MOTAT themed Eye Spy using a picture from MOTAT’s online collection. Email it to us at motat.fun@motat.org.nz