Make a Random Character

You know, randomness isn’t really so…random. It’s a useful tool for many things such as generating passwords, analysing numbers, and even creating vast worlds in video games like Minecraft.

Computers are actually pretty good at making things appear random, and the easiest way for computers to generate randomness is to use a technique called pseudorandomness.

Pseudorandomness (click for definition) is a way of mimicking randomness by generating a random range of random numbers based on a seed value. A seed value can be a unique string of numbers that get fed into a computer to do some fancy math on the seed to generate what look like random numbers.

Making things truly random with a computer is very difficult as you need to find a way to find something random and unpredictable in the world and use it as a source of randomness for the computer. You can learn more about generating “real” randomness here.

But, now, let’s play with randomness and make some new friends!


Try: click the dice below, and try on different outfits. Then spin your character around by touching or using a mouse!

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