Maximising Growth

Grow bigger, grow better, grow smarter!

A garden is a living breathing that requires care and attention to thrive. With a bit of careful preparation and some clever planning you can reduce your workload.

Here are some tips to get you started

  • Companion planting involves planting different plant species near each other as a way of controlling pests, attracting pollinators, or encouraging better growth.
  • Your garden is a fully fledged eco-system that requires plants, insects and wildlife to thrive. You can plant seed, fruit and berry producing plants to encourage the right types of creature to live in your garden.
  • Bees and other pollinators play an important role in the healthy growth and reproduction of many plant species. Attract them to your garden by planting nectar and pollen rich flowers. Your garden will look great too!
  • Keeping pests away is an important part of looking after your plants. Certain species, like Marigolds have natural, pest-deterring properties. Planting these species is a great way of keeping away the nasties naturally.
  • Ensure your plants are happy, by fertilising regularly with mulch, compost and other soil additives.