Maximising Space

No space, no problem?

Creating a green space of your own is easy, you don’t even need a lot of room to do it. If you have space for a pot, you have all the room you need to add some greenery to your life.

Here are some more ways you can maximise your growing space

  • Raised beds are a great way of converting paved or rocky areas into fertile productive gardens. You can buy these, or make them yourself using simple materials, compost and soil.
  • Think vertically… plants don’t have to grow on the ground! Use pot hooks and planters to take advantage of walls and posts. Hanging baskets will even let you grow plants on your ceiling!

Techniques like “Square metre” gardening are a great way of packing a lot of plants into a small area. By carefully selecting the plants you put in, you can turn a single plant bed into a productive mini farm.