Boy thinking with coloured light and code background

Operation Decode – Lockdown Edition


Cipher – A process or set of instructions for converting one set of symbols into another. The word cipher is also used to describe a piece of information that has been encrypted

Code – Words, letters or symbols that are used to represent others in order to keep a secret

Codebook – A list of words, phrases or symbols used to represent other words

Cryptography – The science of encryption and decryption. The study of these subjects is called cryptology

Decryption – The act of converting an encrypted piece of information into plain text

Encryption – The act of converting information into a coded form

Espionage – The process or act of obtaining secret information through the use of spies, secret agents, or surveillance equipment. Also known as spying.

Intelligence – Important information relating to a case or mission. Sometimes shortened to “Intel”

Key – A word, phrase, value, or object that allows a cipher to be correctly decrypted

Morse Code – A type of substitution cipher in which letters and numbers are represented using dots and dashes

Operation – A mission

Operative – A spy or secret agent

Plain Text – Information that has not been encrypted or encoded

Safehouse – A secret location or base for spies to hide out

Shift cipher – A cipher that encrypts data by shifting the letters in the plain text by a specified value

Substitution Cipher – A cipher that encrypts information by swapping the plain text letters with other symbols