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Prank Your friends With a Paper Popper!

Quick, easy to make and capable of delivering a surprisingly loud ‘POP’, the Paper Popper is the perfect way to up your prank game.

Build Time: 5 min (Approx)

Skill Level: Easy to Moderate

You Will Need:

  • Paper (We recommend A4, but other sizes will also work)
  • Felts, Crayons or Coloured Pencils (if you want to decorate your popper)

Check out the video below for instructions and start making your Paper Popper now!

How Does It Work?

When you move the popper through the air, air gets caught between the paper flaps. As more and more air gets caught, pressure builds up beneath the flap eventually causing it to snap outwards. The “POP” you hear is the sound of the paper snapping taut, not a sonic boom as some people (incorrectly) think!