te reo Māori

Questions to ask at MOTAT in te reo Māori

When visiting MOTAT, you’re more than likely going to ask some questions like: Where is the tram? Where are the cars? But do you know how to ask these in te reo Māori? Check out some quick swaps you can make when asking questions at MOTAT.

Questions tamariki often ask their caregivers or kaiako (teachers) in English than can be swapped for te reo Māori:

Kei hea te taramu?

Where is the tram?

Kei hea ngā motokā?

Where are the cars?

te reo Māori

Kei hea te waka tinei ahi?

Where is the fire engine?

te reo Māori

Kei hea a MOTAT Aviation Hall?

Where is MOTAT Aviation Hall?

If you need help pronouncing ‘Kei hea’ check out this clip.

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