Reindeer Cupcakes 🦌🧁 

The cutest Christmas cupcakes have come to MOTAT FUN’s 12 Days Of Christmas Crafts. These Reindeer cupcakes are perfect for Christmas baking, especially if you want to get the kids involved. Add on a red nose and you have yourself a Rudolph Cupcake!

Pssst! Santa would love a Reindeer Cupcake left out for him on Christmas Eve!

Prep Time: 10 minutes

Skill Level: Easy

Prep Required: Pre-made cupcakes and icing

Skill Level: Easy

You Will Need:
-Eyes (Editable eyes)
-Nose (Jaffa’s)
-Ears (Pretzels)

Follow the link to create the perfect vanilla cupcakes which can be easily turned into gluten-free cupcakes by switching out the flour for gluten-free flour.

Watch our tutorial video below to make your own Reindeer Cupcakes!

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