Scooter Skills

One of New Zealand’s top riders featured in the Scooter exhibition, Alexandra Madsen tells us how she kept her scooter skills up during lockdown.

“So I kept my scooter skills up by practising on the flat outside my house, just focusing on the basics, like whips, barspins and 360s!”

Also just went for a ride around as my exercise because riding my scooter continually whether I am doing tricks or not is important as well so I do not lose the balance and coordination of riding a scooter.”

“Level 3 and 4 was such a strange feeling because not being able to head down to the skate park and do the sport I love at all was something I had never experienced before, I have ridden my scooter almost every day for the past 7 years, so it was a crazy feeling.”

“Level two is great because it now means skate parks and gyms are open so I can efficiently train and work on my stamina and strength in the gym while also practising and learning new tricks on my scooter at the skate park.”

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We hope you are back on your scooter riding around your hood or at your local skatepark, just like these riders.