Spot the Difference: Model Railway 

We’ve made some changes to a photo of MOTAT’s Model of the Waitākare Station Railway. Can you find them?

How to Play:

To play, move the image splitter arm on the pictures below to see if you can spot the differences in the photos! To see the original, pull the slider to the right. To see the doctored image, pull the slider to the left.

There are 6 differences between the images.

There are 6 differences between the images
Need the answers? Click here to find them circled below!


For forty years MOTAT’s model railway has entranced and inspired visitors. The model showcases the history and engineering feats of the North Island Main Trunk Line. Marvel at the spectacular Hapuawhenua Viaduct and the twisting Raurimu Spiral, and learn about the line’s incredible history.

This historic journey is still available to the public today via the Northern Explorer and (at 1:87 scale!) every day at MOTAT.


The newest addition to MOTAT’s model rail network celebrates 100 years of rail in West Auckland. Housed in the historic Waitakere Station, the model is filled with intricate details and colourful characters for our youngest visitors to find.

Special thanks to Great Journeys of New Zealand, operated by KiwiRail, for making this model possible.