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No. 47, one of MOTAT’s heritage trams on Motions Road, Auckland. Photo courtesy of Albert Chan, 2019

MOTAT’s trams are parked up at the moment but don’t let that stop you finding out more about these mighty electric vehicles, which were part of Auckland’s public transport until the mid-1950s.  

Tram No. 248 amongst cars and buses on Anzac Avenue with St Andrew’s Church in the background. 

Graham Stewart (n.d.) Graham Stewart Print Collection. Walsh Memorial Library. The Museum of Transport and Technology (MOTAT) 

The last tram to operate was in Wellington in 1964. That’s over 50 years ago! What will our public transport look like 50 years into the future?

Tram No. 257 at the  intersection fo Manners and Cuba Streets, known as ‘James Smiths Corner’ (department store) on the last Friday night of trams in Wellington, 1 May 1964. Photo courtesy of Graham Stewart 

The museum runs both New Zealand Heritage and Melbourne Trams between its two sites with over 200,000 visitors taking a tram ride every year.

Can you spot the tram number in the images below:


Melbourne Tram 1032 leaving the tram barn at MOTAT’s Great North Road site.

MOTAT’s heritage trams Nos. 11 and 47 on a Tram Live Day  

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Meet Charles a volunteer Tram Driver! 


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