The Mighty Paper Bot – Rad, Rockin’ Dance Floor

Here’s a fast, fun and funky craft project that’ll make your Mighty MOTAT Paper Bot even more fun! All you need is a printer, scissors and glue to get started.

Just print out the templates using the link below, then cut, fold, and glue the parts together to create the perfect platform for your Paper Bot to get its boogie on!

The completed dance floor – All set for your Paper Bot to get it’s boogie on!

Tips n’ Tricks

  • Cut out each piece along the black outline. Cutting all the pieces out first means you won’t have to keep stopping once you start putting your dance floor together.
  • Fold and crease the pieces along the dotted lines. Pre-folding will make it easier when it comes time to glue the pieces together.
  • A ruler or other straight edge can be handy for making nice, crisp folds, especially on the longer pieces.
  • Gluing the templates to a thin sheet of cardboard before you cut them out will make the finished dance floor more durable. Cardboard from a cereal box or similar packaging is good for this.
  • The speakers and lights can be attached to the dance floor anywhere you like, or even left off completely. Try out different layouts until you find one you like, but remember to leave enough room at the back for you to move your Paper Bot’s control sticks through.

Haven’t made a Mighty MOTAT Paper Bot yet? No worries! Our Rad Robots Holiday Experience is running right through until Sunday May 2nd, so come on in and explore our awesome, Robot themed activities, and create your own paper automaton to take home with you!