Under a Distant Sun Galactic Gazette Issue 2


05 January 2121, 6:57am Terran Standard Time

Marking succesful completion of it’s voyage, the Arc-ship “Halcyon” emerged from warp at 06:00am TST, and is currently sitting in high orbit around Miaboros. Communicating on standard frequencies, the ship’s crew report a smooth and largely uneventful journey. Cryo-stasis systems are reportedly online and functioning as expected, as the first waves of settlers are awakened to begin the long task of terraforming their new home.

Under direction of the newly established Miaboros Planetary Control, phase 1 orbital facilities are being deployed in preparation for climatic augmentation efforts to begin. Asteroid collection teams have already commenced the first missions to a nearby asteroid belt to begin work. With morale high and activity expected to escalate dramatically over the coming weeks, it seems the terraforming mission will be well placed to achieve all scheduled milestones.

Other News:

  • Boastful smuggler ridiculed after mistaking “parsec” for unit of time
  • “It’s full of stars!” bemoans astronaut as glitter prank renders cockpit unusable
  • New study confirms robots do dream of electric sheep

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