Under a Distant Sun Galactic Gazette Issue 3


18 January 2141, 4:42pm Terran Standard Time

Today, a cheerful broadcast marks the end of an almost 15 year break in communications from the planet Miaboros. Received via hyper-spectral relay, the transmission describes heightened solar activity as the cause of the blackout, disrupting comm networks systemwide and preventing realtime messaging.

The transmission goes on to detail the extensive progress that has been made on-world during this time. Atmospheric pressure and ambient temperature are steadily climbing, and small bodies of liquid water have now appeared on the planet’s surface.

With deep space comms restored and regular transmissions set to resume, we look forward to bringing you up to the minute coverage of the terraforming efforts once more!

Other News:

  • New research links fireflies to heightened levels of serenity
  • Is your ship’s A.I. gaining sentience? Take our quiz to find out
  • Rebel Alliance engineers unsure what to name 27th starship design

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