Under a Distant Sun Galactic Gazette Issue 1

New exoplanet identified, settlement mission launched!

23 July 2120, 4:57pm Terran Standard Time

In an exciting development, deep space observatories have identified a new potentially habitable exoplanet. Located approximately 26,000 light years from Earth in the Canis Major dwarf galaxy, the planet is a rocky Class K world. Dubbed Miaboros, the planet is situated within the circumstellar habitable zone of its parent star. It is believed that the world will be capable of sustaining human life following a substantive terraforming programme.

Following the discovery of this world, the MOTAT Interstellar Exploration and Settlement Administration have cleared a new settlement mission for immediate launch. Utilising Bifrost technology and transiting via warp gates at Ganymede, Nepthys and Cicatrix 4 it is anticipated that the Arc-ship “Halcyon” will complete the journey and deliver the first wave of settlers in approximately 164 Terran Standard days.

Other News:

  • Suspected space station actually “Just a Moon”
  • Sheevat – Valerian Concordat trade negotiations dubbed “promising”
  • New study confirms robots do dream of electric sheep

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