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What’s Your Favourite Colour?

Something really cool about MOTAT’s collections online is being able to search by your favourite colour.

One of my favourite colours is green because it always reminds me of being outside, walking through New Zealand’s unique bush. Did you know 40% of our ferns grow nowhere else in the world?!

Anyway, I selected green to find this awesome backpack, along with these other green items. See all my results here

There might also be something you love coming to MOTAT to see, a favourite subject in the collection? Think about what this is. For me, I’ve enjoyed learning about planes in my job at MOTAT.

Below, I wrote ‘aircraft’ in the search bar and I’ve selected two types of blue from the search filter on the left of the screen.

You can see it’s given me images of planes and books about planes. There is much more to discover as well.

Give it a go with your favourite colour and see what MOTAT objects you find!

by Chelsea Renshaw

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