Young People vs. Climate Change

While lots of Very Important Adults gather this week at COP26 to tackle climate change, young people in Aotearoa and all over the world are very concerned about the environment and our warming earth — and heaps are doing something about it!

From small things like reducing waste, planting gardens, or cutting back on the amount of electricity they use, kids are a key part of the solution. After all, it’s going to be THEIR planet soon!

Here are some great links to learn about what young people in NZ and everywhere are doing to get involved, help stop climate change, and fight for our planet:

New Zealand Climate Action Network


Generation Zero

Te Ara Whatu

Fridays for Future

Greenpeace Aotearoa

WWF-New Zealand

Forest & Bird

350 Aotearoa

Voices of Youth

United Nations Youth in Action

UNICEF: Youth for Climate Action

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