green city illustration vector graphic

Youville! Design Your Own City

Imagine you are in charge of building a whole new city for you and your friends and whanau to live in. You can draw your city, or write a story about it, or both! If you have space, you could raid your recycling (make sure it’s clean first!) and build the city out of boxes and bottles.

Think about what the buildings might look like – are they tall sky scrapers? Are they small and wide? Are there lots of parks and green spaces?

Plan your transport system

How will people get around the city? Does your city need roads for people to move around?

Will the people in the city ride bikes, drive cars, take a ride on trains, aeroplanes, or even hovercrafts!

Name your city

For centuries humans have been naming the places where people live, think of a name for your city. Your city might be named after where it is located, or what the city looks like. It might even be named after you…

We would love to see your city, post a photo of it on your social channel with the hashtag #motatfun

Some ideas and inspiration

A Floating City

Check out this design for a floating city. In the future some cities might become flooded with rising sea levels and millions of people might need somewhere else to live. The United Nations has teamed up with some of the world’s best architects to will study the possibility of floating cities that are anchored to the sea floor.


Why not construct a whole city from LEGO and blocks?

Why we should involve kids in designing our Cities

The inspiring TED talk shows how a “city designed for children is a city designed for all”.